Our Process

Throughout our business relationship we wish to achieve Peace of Mind for you.

At the beginning we

  • Listen to your needs
  • Formulate a long term strategy to meet your needs
  • Select appropriate saving/investment products
  • Select appropriate risk management products
  • Help you apply for those products
  • Ensure those products are in place by following up on:
    • Rollovers, bank transfers, etc.
    • Medical reports
    • Financials, etc.


  • Investments
    • Portfolio valuation and review up to 4 times a year
    • Notification of legislative changes
  • Personal Insurance
    • Annual policy review with regards to:
      • Ownership
      • Beneficiaries
      • Adequacy of benefits
      • Value for money
    • At claim time:
      • Arrange claim documentation
      • Help complete claim if required
      • Follow up medical reports
      • Delivery of claim benefit payment where appropriate
  • General Services
    • Regular newsletters, including Budget updates
    • Educational seminars
    • Discussions with you about your investments and/or personal insurance needs

Your financial plan is an ongoing process that will change according to your situation. If you're planning to make major decisions, for example, buying a house, getting married, starting a family, ensure that you contact us so that we can ensure your financial plan is best suited to your future needs.


Please have a look at the following chart to get an understanding of how it all works:

Your Role


Our Role

Provide information regarding your current financial situation and what your goals are for the future.


Listen!  We listen to your needs and discuss the various options available to you, such as savings, investment, and protecting your family and assets
We also discuss how much the advice will cost and methods of payment.

Leave it us!
Just go on with your life.



With your goals as our guide, we formulate a financial strategy tailored to your needs.
We research products to ensure that your financial needs and budgetary considerations are met.

Meet with us to discuss our recommendations, ask questions and clarify any issues.
Once you are satisfied that our plan meets your needs, complete the application forms to implement the recommendations.



Explain our strategies and recommendations and answer all your questions.
We help you complete the application forms; we submit the paperwork and monitor its progress through to completion.

Ongoing Service

We understand that life is full of surprises and change. Each year we review your plan to ensure it meets your continuing needs. Throughout the year, we monitor your policies to make sure that you are receiving value for money from your investments and that you have appropriate insurance cover to protect your family and income.

You are welcome to contact us whenever your circumstances change or if you would like an issue clarified.